Top 5 Best Washing Machines in India (Top/Front Load and Semi-Automatic) Dec 2019

5. LG P9037R3SM 8 kg – Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

LG P9037R3SM can be a good buy, If you are looking for a Semi-Automatic washing machine. Usually, Semi-Automatic washing machines do not have lot of advanced features but the pulsator used in LG machines are better for cloths and washing in general.

Now coming to the operations of this washing machine, it has 3 different wash programs to wash different types of cloths. It has Wind Jet Dry technology in which air is introduced while spinning cloths which results in better drying of cloths. It has rat away technology to keep the machine safe from rats. It also has 360 degree wheels to easily move the machine around.


Pulsator is good for cloths as well as washing, Wind Jet Dry technology dries cloths better than just spinning, Rat away technology protects the washing machine from rats, 1000 RPM drying which gives better drying output.


Mostly plastic body

4. Whirlpool Whitemagic Premier 6.5 kg – A Budget Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Whirlpool is another international biggie which over the years of presence in India has very well adapted to Indian requirements. This particular washing machine is loaded with features for Indian household. It can wash cloths even with Hard Water and it can work at low water pressures as low as 0.17 Bar. Whirlpool still uses agitators instead of pulsators and they use agitators to create powerful scrub technology that cleans the cloths well. This washing machine also has a spa wash system to reduce the tangling of cloths. This washing machine also has sensors to adjust the water levels and thus adjust the detergent levels, sensors for voltage and smart lint filters. On the whole a good buy if you are looking for a budget top load washing machine.


Hard Water Wash, Low Water Pressure, Good scrubbing to remove dirt from cloths


Agitators can cause tangling thus reducing life of cloths, whirlpool has tried to reduce it with adding another technology to manage it, but still a pulsator would have been better.

3. Bosch WAB16060IN – 6 kg – A Budget Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

One would not associate Bosch a German giant to make machines that are quite light on your pocket, but this one surprisingly is quite cheap. With A+ European energy efficiency rating, this machine is decently energy efficient. It’s speedperfect technology makes sure that your washing is done 65% quicker. The ActiveWater sensor technology ensures right amount of water is used for washing thus saving water as well as detergent. 3D Aquaspa features helps this machine save water by soaking laundry during the washing process. 8 different wash programs give you multiple options to clean different types of cloths.  On the whole a great buy in case you do not want to spend a lot but still want a great washing machine.


Quicker in washing, better in saving water, has a child proof lock so that kids cannot play with the machine, Foam detection system removes excessive foam.


Low spin speed of 800 RPM, could have been more energy efficient.

2. IFB TL- RDSS 6.5 KG Aqua – A Best Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

IFB is one Indian brand that gives tough competition to international biggies in a segment where there are lot of international brands. It started off with support of Bosch but now has come up on its own. Their machines are very well designed for Indian consumers. This particular model has Aqua Energie technology from IFB which helps it provide better cleaning even with hard water. It can work at water pressure as low as 0.3 bar which means you can use it even when the water pressure in your house is low. Auto imbalance system makes sure that the washing machine does not go out of balance even if the load is not put in properly in the washing machine. It also has smart sense sensor to optimize water and detergent based on the load put in the washing machine, which saves water as well as electricity. 6 different wash programs give you plenty of options to wash different kinds of cloths.


Designed of India as it works with hard water and low water pressure. Has low voltage protection as well to work at low voltages. Has memory backup to start the washing machine at the same step in case there is a power cut.


Low RPM of 720 which means that you still need to put cloths on a cloth line for long to dry them. Being a top load, the water consumption is high. Does not have a hot water wash option.

1. Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL – 6.5 kg – The Best Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

When searching for best front load washing machine, we had few things in mind: one with good technology, a size which is generally good for most families, one that cleans well and can handle different types of cloths, one which is durable and not super expensive. The first result that came out for us was Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL. This model has an inverter technology motor which is highly energy efficient and less noisy. It has a metallic Diamond Drum which is gentle on cloths yet good at cleaning them. It has a Inbuilt heater that gives you an option of doing hot water wash which although is not a very energy efficient way of cleaning but gives better output. The washing machine has good inbuilt protection against voltage fluctuations as well. It has good number of pre-programmed cycles to handle different kinds of cloths. On the whole a great buy.


Inverter Motor makes it energy efficient and less noisy and it comes with 10 year warranty. Low water consumption as it is a front load washing machine. Has Touch LED Panel for easy usage.


Newer motor technology means that it will be difficult for your traditional mechanic to fix the machine in case of failure. Also, its peak RPM is not the highest that is available in market. A higher RPM would have meant that your cloths would come out drier. It also does not have any technology to handle hard water or extremely low water pressure.

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