Elephant in the jungle – Short Story

Short stories for kids

A solitary elephant meandered the woods searching for companions. She ran over a monkey and asked, “Will you be my companion, monkey?” “You are too large and can’t swing on trees as I do. So I can’t be your companion”, said the monkey. (Short stories for kids in English)

The elephant them ran over a bunny and inquired as to whether she could be his companion. “You are too enormous to fit inside my tunnel. You can’t be my companion”, answered the hare.

At that point, the elephant met a frog and inquired as to whether she could be her companion. The frog said “You are too huge and overwhelming. You can’t hop like me. I am grieved, yet you can’t be my companion”.

The elephant asked a fox, and he got a similar answer, that he was too enormous. The following day, every one of the creatures in the timberland was running in dread. The elephant halted a bear and asked what was going on and was informed that a tiger has been assaulting every one of the creatures.

The elephant needed to spare the other powerless creatures and went to the tiger and said “Please sir, disregard my companions. Try not to eat them”. The tiger didn’t tune in and requested that the elephant stays out of other people’s affairs. Seeing no other method to take care of the issue, the elephant kicked the tiger and frightened it off.

She at that point returned to the others and mentioned to them what occurred. On hearing how the elephant spared their lives, the creatures concurred as one, “You are the perfect size to be our companion”.

Moral – Short stories for kids

Companions come in all shapes and sizes!

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