Mighty King & his Wish – Short Story

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In old Greek, there was a ruler named Midas. He had a great deal of gold and all that he required. He likewise had an excellent little girl. Midas cherished his gold without a doubt, however, he adored his girl more than his wealth. (Short stories for kids in english)

At some point, a satyr named Silenus got an alcoholic and dropped in Midas’ rose nursery. Accepting that Satyrs continually bring good karma, Midas lets Silenus rest in his royal residence until he is calm, against the desires of his better half and little girl. Silenus is a companion of Dionysus, the lord of wine and festivity. After learning Midas’ consideration towards his companion, Dionysus chooses to compensate for the barrel.

When approached to want for something, Midas says “I wish all that I touch goes to gold”. In spite of the fact that Dionysus realized it was anything but a good thought, he allowed Midas his desire.

Upbeat that his desire was without a doubt, Midas circumvented contacting arbitrary things in the nursery and his castle and transformed them all into gold. He contacted an apple, and it transformed into a sparkly gold apple. His subjects were shocked however glad to see such a great amount of gold in the castle.

In his satisfaction, Midas proceeded to embrace his girl, and before he understood, he transformed her into a dormant, brilliant statue! Startled, Midas ran back to the nursery and called for Dionysus. He asked the god to remove his capacity and spare his little girl. Dionysus gives Midas an answer for making a huge difference back to how it was before the desire. Midas took in his exercise and carried on with an incredible remainder fought with what he had.

Moral – Short Stories for kids

Try not to get voracious. Be glad and substance with what you have.

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