Lesson on bad Habits – Short Story

Short stories for kids

A rich specialist was stressed over his child’s unfortunate propensities. He looked for counsel from an astute, elderly person. The elderly person met the man’s child and took him out for a walk. They strolled into the forested areas, and the elderly person demonstrated the kid a little sapling and requested that he haul it out. The kid did as such effortlessly, and they strolled on. (Short stories for kids)

The elderly person at that point requested that the kid haul out a little plant. The kid did that as well, with a little exertion. As they strolled, the elderly person requested that the kid haul out the shrub, which he did. The following was a little tree, which the kid needed to battle a great deal to haul out. At long last, the elderly person demonstrated him a greater tree and requested that the youngster haul it out.

The kid neglected to haul it out considerably in the wake of attempting a few times, in various ways. The elderly person takes a gander at the kid, grins and says, “So is the situation with propensities, fortunate or unfortunate”.

Moral – Short stories for kids

Unfortunate propensities are difficult to dispose of once they have settled in our framework. It is ideal to dispose of them right off the bat.

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