Krishna & Sudama – Short Story

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Lord Krishna and Sudama were beloved companions. While Krishna flourished and thrived, Sudama didn’t. He leads the life of a poor Brahmin man, living in a little hovel with his significant other and kids. Most days, the children wouldn’t get enough to eat from what Sudama got as an aid. At some point, his better half recommended that he proceed to approach his companion Krishna for help.(Short stories for kids in English)

Sudama was hesitant to look for favors, yet he likewise didn’t need his children to endure. So his better half acquires some rice from the neighbors to make some rice tidbits that Krishna preferred and offered it to Sudama to take it to his companion. Sudama took it and set out to Dwaraka. He was astonished at the gold that was utilized to fabricate the city. He arrived at the royal residence doors and was impeded by the gatekeepers, who made a decision about him by his torn dhoti and poor appearance.

Sudama mentioned the watchmen to in any event illuminate Krishna that his companion Sudama has come to meet him. The gatekeeper, albeit hesitant, proceeds to advise the master. On hearing that Sudama was here, Krishna quits doing anything that he was doing and runs shoeless to meet his cherished companion.

Krishna embraces Sudama invites him to his homestead treats him with most extreme love and regard. Sudama, embarrassed about the poor man’s rice snacks he got for Krishna, attempts to shroud it. In any case, the infinitely knowledgeable Krishna approaches Sudama for his blessing and eats his preferred rice bites that his companion brought for him.

Krishna and his companion invest energy snickering and discussing their youth however Sudama, overpowered by the generosity and sympathy appeared by his companion, can’t approach Krishna for help. At the point when he comes all the way back, Sudama finds that his cottage has been supplanted by a gigantic house and his significant other and kids are wearing fine garments.

Sudama acknowledged that he was so fortunate to have a genuine companion like Krishna. He didn’t ask, however, Krishna comprehended what Sudama needed and offered it to him.

Moral – Short stories for kids

Genuine companions don’t recognize rich and poor. They are consistently there for you when you need them

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