Boy & the Wolf – Short Story

Short stories for kids

Sometime in the distant past, there carried on a shepherd kid who was exhausted watching his rush of sheep on the slope. To entertain himself, he yelled, “Wolf! Wolf! The sheep are being pursued by the wolf!” The locals came hurrying to support the kid and spare the sheep. They don’t discover anything and the kid just giggled taking a gander at their irate countenances.(Short stories for kids)

“Try not to falsely sound the alarm when there’s no wolf kid!”, they said indignantly and left. The kid just snickered at them.

Sooner or later, he got exhausted and told a shameful lie!’ ‘once more, tricking the residents a subsequent time. The irate residents cautioned the kid a subsequent time and left. The kid kept watching the herd. Sooner or later, he saw a genuine wolf and cried boisterously, “Wolf! It would be ideal if you help! The wolf is pursuing the sheep. Help!”

Be that as it may, this time, nobody went up to assistance. Before supper, when the kid didn’t come all the way back, the residents thought about what befell him and went up the slope. The kid sat on the slope sobbing. “For what reason didn’t you come when I got out that there was a wolf?” he asked furiously. “The herd is dispersed now”, he said.

An old resident moved toward him and stated, “Individuals will have a hard time believing liars in any event, when they come clean. We’ll search for your sheep tomorrow first thing. How about we return home at this point”.

Moral – Short stories for kids

Lying breaks trust. No one trusts a liar, in such an event, where the consequences are terrible. Also, it doesn’t matter later on, even if the boy coming clean, as the damage is done.

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