Best Headphones under Rs.500 in india

Having a good headphone is always a better option to indulge in the state of an awesome experienced nirvana. Although it’s good to go for a bit higher range for extra features and quality, you can get the best Bluetooth headphones under 500 Rupees. Though not all of the headphones can deliver the perfect exposure, which leads us to buy a bad one and regretting our decision for later one. But some new good brands, as well as old established brands in the music industry, are totally into improving their user experience.

Boat BassHead 225 Earphones with Extra Bass (with Mic)

Some peoples like to listen to lots of bass heavy music and want an earphone which can produce really nice bass and comes under their budget then boat BassHead 225 is the Best Earphone for you because it comes with HD Super Extra Bass. These Earphones comes with the really nice Build quality and overall finishing of these Boat Basshead 225 is just Fantastic.

But at the same time, some peoples Don’t like these headphones just because it weights heavier then normal plastic earphones and if you use earphones while GYM or jogging I don’t recommend these earphones to you but if you can adjust with heavy earcups these earphones sound best with extra bass.

Envent Beatz 302 Earphones (with Mic)

Envent is a known Local Indian brand they make some really nice portable Bluetooth speakers and now they come with this Envent Beatz 302 in-ear style earphone with mic and cost just Rs. 499 only. Beatz 302 is a good pair of headphones with Nice Build Quality, Good for Fitness freaks, Decent bass and overall a really nice package below 500 with flat style cable.

Mi Basic In-Ear Headphones (with Mic)

If you want most premium headphones in your budget then Mi Basic In-ear headphones will be our First choice only reason we put this on No. 5 instead of No.1 is this thing cost Rs. 600 apart from that its bag for Buck.

SoundMagic ES11S Earphones (with Mic)

SoundMagic is a known brand in earphone department and ES11S is a really nice earphone come in punchy colors and sound quality is really natural no distortions. Build Quality is also very nice I used this earphone for almost 6 months and I’m a really hard user but nothing happen to these earphones So, Tes that is a really good choice for anyone But this Earphone doesn’t have a microphone for Voice Calling.

Envent Beatz 307 (with Mic)

Second Headphone from Envent in this List and this one has much better build quality then Beatz 302. Excellent earphone Built quality is Very good for the price range. Sound and voice quality is Excellent and provides really nice bass.
It has an inbuilt MIC with a button so no need to touch the phone to attend the call and also mic quality is very good. You can change the songs from the headphones only, so no need to touch the phone again and again.

Skullcandy S2DUDZ-072 Earphone (without Mic)

Skullcandy is a brand which is known for great audio products but in budget section, Skullcandy is not as good as Skullcandy in high-end products but if you want earphones with Skullcandy logo then you can buy this earphone. But it doesn’t mean that these earphones are not good it sounds nice but not as good as other ones on this list.

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