Anger Management – Short Story

Short stories for kids

There was at one time a little youngster who had issues remaining calm. At the point when he lost control, he would simply say whatever struck a chord and hurt individuals. So his dad gave him a sack of nails and a mallet and stated, “Each time you blow up, hammer one nail into the fence in our terrace”. (Short stories for kids)

The initial barely any days the kid pounded such a significant number of nails that he purged a large portion of the pack. Throughout the weeks, the quantity or number of nails he pounded to the fence decreased and slowly, his temper was much in charge. At that point came a day when he didn’t lose his temper by any means. His dad requested that he evacuate one nail every day that he oversees not to lose his temper.

At long last, on the day the kid was expelling the last nail, his dad says, “You have progressed admirably, kid. Be that as it may, do you see the openings in the divider? The fence is never going to be the equivalent, much subsequent to repainting. Moreover, when you express mean words out of frustration, you will leave a scar in the individual’s psyche, as the nails did to the fence”.

Moral – Short stories for kids

Outrage is a hazardous weapon like a blade. At the point when you put a blade in a man and coax it out, the injury mends yet the scar remains.

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